He ran toward the new year, new hope

  He ran toward the new year, new hope   - Company "courage carry the banner, write the legend" workers and long-distance running event flag oath Sidelights   New Year full of ambition, dauntless forward written legend.   January 1 in the morning, crowded in front of Wugang Hotel, flags flying, joy and laughter, imbued with a festive harmony, unity, and progress of breath. Company 2016 New Year's Day marathon held here. This is the river of steel Wugang New Year's festival of joy, but also river steel Wugang people to meet new challenges, to win new victories, new recast brilliant swearing!   Run, enhance the development and Manner   Midwinter chill very hot, but did not stop the cadres and workers to celebrate the New Year high enthusiasm.   8:30, from the long-distance race will begin in half an hour by more than 2,000 cadres and workers consisting of 22 squares have early long-distance running at a new starting line, ready to go.   9:18, "I announced in 2016 New Year's Day marathon now!" With the company chairman and general manager, Deng Jianjun order, New Year's Day marathon officially began.   In the company leadership Deng Jianjun, Li Bingjun, Liu Jianguo, Wang Qian Ze, Xie Liang law, Zhao Wenzhong, Yin scholars, Zhaoguo Chang, Hu Qichao, according to Lee Eun, & PHARMACY led, long-distance running team strode embark on a new journey, full of aspirations toward hope 2016, to meet the new victory.   Mighty long-distance running team from Wugang Grand hotel, office building to traveling along the lakeside promenade. Viewed from afar, like a long-distance phalanx huge long queue, walk in the wide coastal roads, darling. Run, the pace of youth flying, joy smile bloom, loud slogan echoed in Longquan Lake disperse the winter cold, full of Hegang Wugang cadres and workers tenacity and uplifting spirit. Along the way, pedestrians have stopped for long-distance running team applaud refueling.   "We bid farewell to 2015 with a long-distance running, ushered in 2016. I believe that the new year must be the year full of hope." A steel rolling mill worker said excitedly.   "I heard the sound of loud slogans shouted Manner we Hegang Wugang development, but also beckons 2016 we will have a good start." Iron Works, a worker said.   Oath, gather confidence and strength   Before the office building, the company leaders lined up to welcome the arrival of long-distance running team.   9:40 Xu, another long-distance destination square.   9:45, the company held a grand flag-raising ceremony. In the majestic national anthem, the flag rising.   Under the flag, outstanding party members on behalf of the company Guo Hongwei, technological talents from the sales representatives from the science and technology front, front 庞辉勇, model worker representatives from steel front Zhao hair now, craftsmen representatives from rolling front pay and public auxiliary fronts from APB Wugang most beautiful people on behalf of Wang Fenglan, jointly announced the "I love Wugang, build my home, the first Chinese to carry the banner of the plate and work hard," the proposal, and lead everyone solemnly swear: I love Wugang, the courage to act; entrepreneurship and hard work, truth-seeking spirit; work hard, excel again!   By 2015, the company is difficult forward, struggling to forge ahead of the year. Faced with steel reduction depth adjustment, steel prices reduce the enormous pressure the company to implement the deployment of the Group, and comprehensively promote structural adjustment, marketing transformation, system optimization, the work has undergone great changes. Up marketing innovative leadership team, the implementation of large customer manager system, the production line to strengthen support services, enable marketers leading high lifted, significantly enhanced product appeal. In the field of petrochemical steel, high-strength steel and hydropower, marine steel to create a number of new "first," "only", accelerate structural adjustment. New Steel Rolling balanced overall establishment, the company significantly reduce energy costs, the iron, steel, plate production over the previous year increased 34%, 8% and 11%. Production line for standard depth, tapping the potential synergies, non-steel development and other work made new progress. On Baigezhengliu heavy plate market, Hegang Wugang has taken a robust pace, once again called out Hegang "Wugang" brand, so we gain a confidence and courage to face the future.   2016, New Year's first ray of sunshine to illuminate the steel company and create more brilliant dream. The company will win the confidence of the firm, total operating closely around the annual production target, give prominence to the "market" and "product" two major themes, further high sales leader, to further promote the marketing transformation, deepen structural reforms and speed up new product development, together, picking up "the first board banner" to ensure that the company successfully through the winter market, has taken a more solid and effective steps in building the most competitive leader on the heavy plate business way.   "In the past year, forge ahead in unity Hegang Wugang people confidence, and gathering strength, the spirit of reform and innovation, and to push the company has made progress with his hands has created one miracle after another." The company is a science and technology front employees, "said the new year, we want to continue running posture, meet newer and bigger challenges and create more brilliant achievements."
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