Second session of the General Assembly on behalf of the company held a grand three workers

  2015 systematic review of struggle full deployment plans for the New Year 2016   Second session of the General Assembly on behalf of the company held a grand three workers   When the company thoroughly implement the spirit of the key groups of five next congress cum 2016 Working Conference, started in battle "Thirteen five" first of January 8, the company three-second session of congress in Wugang club grand opening. Company board chairman and general manager of Deng Jianjun as "Company Report", summed up the work in 2015, and work to make arrangements 2016, called on all workers to seriously implement the important instructions of the working group meetings and Yu Yong, chairman of the company I work for, closely around the 2016 overall production and operation targets, highly focused "market" and "product" two major themes, to promote the nine priorities, outstanding cultural heritage, advocating a pragmatic and unswervingly carry "the first plate banner ", to achieve full-year target, the construction of the most competitive leader in heavy plate and work hard!   Party Secretary Li Bingjun presided over the meeting, and asking for it to implement the spirit of the meeting.   Company leaders Liu Jianguo, money Tsewang, Xie Liang law, Li dynasty, Zhao Wenzhong, Yin scholars, Zhaoguo Chang, Hu Qichao, Li Zhao Yin, & PHARMACY attend the meeting, company old leader Li Po Yan, Jiang Xiao Zhou, Li Xue Sheng, Su Guangqi, Zhang Zhimin was invited to attend the meeting. 479 official trade union representatives, 108 representatives attended the meeting.   0900 General Assembly, in the majestic "National Anthem" sound of the grand opening.   Company board chairman and general manager of Deng Jianjun as "company report."   Deng Jianjun pointed out that in 2015 the company was struggling to move forward in the face of adversity, enterprising year. Faced with the enormous pressure of survival and development, the company conscientiously implement the decisions and arrangements of the Group, in order to "reform and innovation" for the driver to lean management as a means to push forward structural adjustment, and other standard production line of work, past and future, all aspects of work It changed a lot. First, the major production index increased significantly. Second, the marketing leader again lifted. Third, new product development and fruitful. Fourth, the new Steel rolling balance basically established. Fifth, tapping the potential of the standard to achieve results. Sixth, continue to improve product quality. Seven is capital controls to achieve new breakthroughs. Eight non-steel made new progress. Nine is the party building and ideological and political work continuously strengthened.   Deng Jianjun pointed out that currently, the domestic steel industry serious excess capacity, steel prices have dropped to a new low of 20 years, "winter" in the true sense of the steel industry has come. We want to maintain a high alert grim situation, to enhance the sense of crisis and urgency. At the same time, but also to maintain the confidence of victory to overcome difficulties and challenges, and enhance the work of vigor and enthusiasm.   Deng Jianjun pointed out that in 2016 the company is the general idea: a focus on the overall goal, highlighting two major themes to promote the work of nine. That is: fully implement the Group's annual work conference and Yu Yong, chairman of a series of important speech, closely around the total annual production and operation objectives, give prominence to the "market" and "product" two major themes, efforts to promote "marketing innovation , new product development, production support line, tapping the potential synergies, financial management and control, green manufacturing, non-steel invigorate, staff service, team building, "nine, and resolutely carry" the first board banner "for building the most competitive the heavy plate leading enterprises struggle!   Deng Jianjun pointed out that the focus of the company in 2016 to promote the work of the following nine areas:   One large customer manager system as the starting point to promote the marketing and management innovation, and improve marketing force. From the aspect of strengthening comprehensive services, expand high-end customers, optimize the structure of the contract, increase overseas distribution, improve the incentive mechanism to promote solid work. Second fight innovative "first" and "only" as the goal, accelerate new product development, improve brand influence. To further strengthen the fight innovative "first" and "only" faith, and further promote the marketing of new products and applications, to further strengthen the new product development project system, to further strengthen the integration of research with mechanisms to further improve the difficult dry varieties and specifications review contracts and incentives. Third, the high-end customer needs and customer structure optimization, Forced internal management upgrade and improve the production line supporting force. To further enhance the contract fulfillment rate, and further enhance quality assurance capabilities, further enhance the ability of equipment to ensure and promote joint research and technology, increase technological progress and pace of information technology. Leadership and technical personnel at all levels should further production line, promote speedy resolution of site problems. Fourth, lean manufacturing, system optimization as a means of deepening the potential to improve efficiency and improve cost competitiveness. To the eyes inward force to reduce costs, Steel rolling system 300 yuan per ton of potential to improve efficiency. Fifth, financial management and control as the core, strengthen the overall budget management, and constantly enhance the ability to withstand market winter. Sixth, enliven the principle of non-steel accelerate development and improve the ability of non-steel industry Chuangxiao. Seven is the economic and social benefits to the principle of coordinated development, the implementation of green action plan and improve safety production, green manufacturing capacity. Eight is sharing for the lead, strengthen service workers and improve their cohesion and solidarity. Nine is to play a political advantage, strengthen the building, continuously enhance the soft power.   Party secretary Li Bingjun to implement the spirit of the meeting request.   First, the unity of thinking, a clear direction. Units to further organize the cadres and workers to seriously implement the work group meetings and Yu Yong, chairman of the important speech, study and understand the company chairman and general manager of Deng Jianjun made "company report" unity of thinking, "market" and "product" two Great topic up, the action into nine priorities and arrangements. Second, work together to implement the plan. All units should "carry it out" as the implementation of the "Company Report" focal point, the focus of the work in 2016 and 576 yuan nine tapping the potential synergies goals down to every level, relying on advanced concepts of lead, by clear responsibility system, by promoting scientific management, relying on hard work and do not work shall not incentive incentive mechanism, and fully mobilize the cadres and workers to complete the annual task resolutely positive initiative. Third, strengthen confidence and create greater glories. All units must focus on the central task to achieve the company's annual business objectives and implement, promote the company's outstanding culture, leadership at all levels to further enhance the power play, the implementation force, tackling ability, creativity, and further enhance the cadres and workers passion and hard work, hard work and innovative style Chuangxiao skills, not only the experience of living river Wugang steel market "winter" test, but also to recast Hegang Wugang new glories.   Delegates vote by show of hands the resolution of the General Assembly.   Conference "Let the workers have the power" loud singing ended in victory.
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