Group leaders met Harsco CEO Nick

  January 7, Group Chairman Yu Yong met at the headquarters of the Group CEO of Harsco Harsco Metals CEO Nick line. Group Vice President Wang Xindong attended the meeting.   Yu Yong brief introduction and overview of the Group's domestic and international steel situation. He said the rapid development of China's macro economy, steel companies and the upgrading of economies of scale and rapid increases in overall equipment, process improvements, which greatly enhance the competitiveness of steel companies. Progress of China's iron and steel industry, will affect the future pattern of the world steel industry. The past two years, Hegang actively respond to severe market conditions, greater efforts in terms of restructuring, transformation and upgrading, innovation, international development, and improve core competitiveness of enterprises. Based on the future development strategy, Hegang will accelerate the process of mergers and acquisitions and international overseas. In this process, Harsco can hope based on the original, for the river of steel to provide better products and better services, and Hegang work together to achieve mutual benefits.   Nick said that in recent years the development of Hegang and made remarkable achievements shocking, Hegang subsidiary of clean production environment and high-end production equipment left us very impressed, to cooperate with us deep Hegang a sense of pride. We will focus on the development of river steel demand continue to improve technology, improve service, to support the rapid development of steel river.
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