Group party to further promote the discussions to make arrangements for the deployment

  Recently, according to the provincial party committee and the provincial SASAC on further promoting the "emancipate the mind, seize the opportunity, work as collaborative development," the great debate and extended to the new deployment of new requirements by the end of 2016, the Group party to further deepen the discussion to promote group discussion of the implementation of the key tasks in 2016, to accelerate the development of Group synergies, restructuring and development and innovation in the development, deployment of in-depth discussion, proposed seven measures to promote and corresponding requirements.   One is to strengthen learning, in-depth emancipate the mind, enhance the understanding reached new heights. Party organizations at all levels, leading groups and leading cadres at all levels should always Bazhua learning, attention to education, raise awareness of the great debate throughout the whole process, in order to promote knowledge line, apply what they learn. On the basis of the content of learning has been specified, the continued expansion of new and relevant learning content, in particular, to in-depth study well in 2016 "two sessions" and our province, "two sessions" spirit, congress-cum-fifth session of the Group in 2016 to work the spirit of important meetings, speeches and meetings of the principal leaders of the Group, and constantly improve their ideological understanding and change ideas. To adhere to learning, collective learning, thematic seminars and workshops focused on a combination of training, etc., before the end of 2016, Party organizations at all levels of leadership team members and leading cadres thematic focus related study of the issues of not less than 5 times, and the implementation of the thematic focus study of the issues, "a newspaper to learn a" system.   Second, check back to find the problem in depth, focusing on the realization of a new cracking problems. Requirements to the sub-branch party held a "three strict three real" feature of democratic life as an opportunity, through a variety of ways and means to open the door to further highlight the problems brought to light "eight eight break up" aspects of the focus laid bare the "market" and emerging issues "product" aspects for further rectification, the Centre's work laid the foundation. Go out, please come in, take the initiative to learn advanced experience in business and industry practices. To adopt the establishment of mail, discussion exchange, questionnaires, collecting network, brainstorming activities, etc., listen to opinions and suggestions clients and grass-roots units of the masses. To carefully control the focus of the 2016 Group work requirements, identify problems and shortcomings. Through the convening of the "three strict three real" special education democratic life, in order to carry out the inspection of criticism, to further focus on analysis of the outstanding problems.   Third, rectification and reform, an in-depth reform and innovation to promote the development of new achievements. All aspects of leadership and leading cadres at all levels should focus on the democratic life meeting to find outstanding issues, one by one to develop corrective measures and specific measures, a clear time frame for completion and the objectives and requirements firmly in their hands, to ensure effectiveness. To "market" and "product" are two key words throughout the discussion has always been, and is tightly integrated with the group to determine the priorities of 2016, the great debate as an effective means of promoting the work of the center, the center reflects the effectiveness of the work of the great debate performance . To the spirit of reform and innovation and discuss means of grasping rectification and reform in the discussion and the rectification of the problem, and should reflect the thinking of reform and innovation, promote reform and innovative style, to come up with reform and innovation initiatives to achieve solve problems, promote the development of results.   Fourth, to strengthen publicity to launch an in-depth thought, reflecting the new guide on typical promotion. To strengthen the integration of various media reports, the integrated use of newspapers, audio-visual units, network, micro-letters, windows, and other media presentations, text, images, audio and video, etc., to form a comprehensive three-dimensional information pattern, a strong atmosphere of great debate. To open up the group of major media, "emancipate the mind, seize the opportunity, work as a joint development" column topic, and disseminate the results of in-depth dynamic group discussion and grassroots units, strengthen guide to lead. To increase the advanced models of selected tree, dig, summary, publicity and promotion in a number of internal and external-known group, highlights practices and typical experience stand firm, and fully reflects the results of the group discussion, reflecting the great debate on the production role in promoting reform and development and management. To strengthen the focus of major newspapers and websites Datai mainstream media propaganda, in-depth features and highlights the work of the Group reflects the reform and development, expand social impact.   Fifth, research supervision, scheduling an in-depth progress, and ensuring the implementation of the new power to strengthen. Group discussion leading group and office will regularly hear progress discussion of the various units and departments and implementation of the rectification report, strengthen advance scheduling, and the degree of attention is not high, a simple task point of view, the organization promote ineffective, going through the motions out in the form of units and departments , conduct interviews. Establish losses pin number system, the problems and corrective measures various units and departments and leading cadres of the completed sales numbers for the emergence of good practices and the relatively backward rectification unit department briefing. Leading members of the group on a regular basis by the group led to the various units conduct research supervision, coordinate and solve the outstanding problems, and promote the implementation of priorities.   Six is ​​a summary evaluation, the results of in-depth transformation, the formation of a new mechanism to consolidate the results. Before the end of December 2016, the Group to develop in accordance with the requirements of the higher appraisal methods, sub-branch organization leadership discussion were carried out by the masses, listen to aspects of the "two representatives of a member of" the masses of workers, establishments and service objects, etc. opinion. Review of low satisfaction rate units will be informed by appropriate means within a certain range, and ordered rectification and reform issues. November 2016, the Group will organize the collection of outstanding achievement assessment activities, and participate in discussion of the results of the photo exhibition organized by the provincial SASAC, showcasing the performance results of the Group and the sub-branch of the great debate. By the end of December 2016, a large group party will summarize the discussion system, in recognition of outstanding achievement.   Seven is to strengthen the leadership, in-depth study of the deployment, coordination of propulsion provide new safeguards. Asked all units party committee responsible comrades personally planning, deployment and personally personally driven and lead to emancipate the mind, to find the problem to take the lead, take the lead in implementation of the rectification, the lead guide research. Group Party leadership set up discussion groups, and re-established the Leading Group Office, divide the comprehensive coordination group, briefing information group, advocacy group learning, achievement group, the Steering Group of five working groups, a clear division of responsibilities and, respectively, the provincial SASAC large discussion of the sub-office and branch offices discussion contacts with counterparts to ensure that the interface between the upper and lower position. At the same time, the establishment of the leading group discussion group discussion on a regular basis to hear the case reporting system, timely research and coordinate and solve important problems and issues; establishing discussion groups regularly brief meeting office system, coordinate and promote the implementation of the priority tasks; the establishment of "bi-weekly" reporting system, Group the sectors and sub-branch office every two weeks to discuss the Group's written report on progress and results.
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