"We have more recognition for group strategy, the Group's future more confident."

  Group Senior Seminar organized marketing strategy, how to work with to promote and facilitate, the reporter approached the seminar participants, feel their common aspirations ----   "We have more recognition for group strategy, the Group's future more confident."   New Year weather. Around the "market" and "product", with vivid changes taking place in the Group units.   "We have identified two types of account manager, each category and the implementation of three-level management, the sales department this year focusing on assessing sales, effective spreads, the new rate, loan recovery four indicators through training and study, we have further strengthened the market , the product, the customer awareness of profit growth target to achieve sales of more confidence! "General Manager Liu Lianmin Hegang new material introduced.   "So when we know enough pricing to customers, not comprehensive, and now we pay more attention to customer needs and feedback, no longer aimed at the same type of business as the sole criterion for pricing, but close to the user demand pricing mechanism to be formed. "deputy general manager Tian Ying Hegang balance board from said.   Shift work, the latter derived from philosophy to enhance the implementation of the Group deployment requirements more firm and powerful. And enhance the concept, thanks to a custom-based training and learning.   December 17, 2015 to 20, the highest level since the establishment of the Group, the largest group of professional training ---- Marketing Strategy Seminar in Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. Headquarters classes. In the Group started restructuring the occasion of the first year of closing off the large customer marketing at the core of the marketing model, in the beginning on the eve of the implementation of "Thirteen Five Year Plan", 47 including the Group executive leadership, the chairman of the sub-branches, general manager and marketing, production, vice president of technology, including senior management team, and went into the Siemens company has 168 years of history, learning system based on Siemens key account manager system marketing mode, open marketing model to explore the world famous enterprises " Thought to travel. "   As Group Chairman Yu Yong at the seminar all the participants meet at said: "The Group believes that everyone in conjunction with their interpretation of the market by Siemens treat further understanding of the market and customer attitudes, will facilitate the work of promotion."   Grasp the "market" and "product" more determined pace more confidence   Group to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with world-class enterprises in the process, a profound understanding: the global steel industry is concerned, the gap with foreign advanced enterprises Group does not lie in the overall level of equipment, but in others ahead of our own market philosophy and marketing mode.   Siemens in customer strategy, technological progress, management innovation leadership strategy, the whole industry has a strong instructive. This is Siemens centuries to maintain its leading position in the field of core elements, but also the Chinese steel industry needs to further study and enhancement. The group held senior marketing strategy seminar in Siemens Management Institute, it is the Siemens group learning marketing strategy, a specific measure of customer relationship management.   Benchmarking world-class enterprises, enhance the concept must be implemented as quickly as possible. "In the era of social development change, the need to constantly acquire new knowledge, updated concept only set foot on the beat of the times, the idea, thinking it will not fall behind in order to generate innovative impulses when needed." Hegang International chairman , general manager, said Liu Jian.   No matter what kind of business, dealing with customers, ideas and positioning should be the same. Corporate attitude towards customers and products, determine the value of their products and height. The importance of "learning through this training, I deeply feel 'markets and products are overriding work', which is the sub-branch groups and real development of the most pressing needs, but also our current production and operation of priority work . "Tian Yan, general manager of Tangshan Iron and steel River wrote in the learning experience.   To ensure that this seminar will achieve the desired results, especially Siemens Management Institute was ready, after more than a month of data collection, research and analysis, developed to adapt to the individual needs of the group's training program. Through the study it was generally agreed that the training in order to comprehensively promote large customer marketing at the core of the marketing model transformation further broaden the thinking and find a reference, the combination of consensus.   Through training and learning, and further enhance the sense of urgency. "We need to improve and where it is needed innovation and development, there are many, such as the quality culture has not yet break out in a cost culture, marketing and technical two personnel also need to further strengthen the construction ......" River Steel Handan Iron and Steel general manager Xu Bin thinking while studying.   "Over the years Hegang Wugang direct manner the minds of some people thought to have good control of this large customer marketing training, we still find that the shape of God does not like." Hegang Wugang Party Secretary Li Bingjun speech, the training will lead and drive the sub-branch in the right direction to break through steel winter, so as to maintain the viability and competitiveness in the fierce market competition.   "Enterprise customers are the core resources, and a large customer marketing as the core marketing change and system innovation is imperative." It is the consensus of Workshop participants made. Some students admitted that in the past learned marketing transformation or fragmentation of information, through this study, large customer marketing has a more comprehensive and systematic in-depth understanding. "Group's strategy more recognition, more confident future for the Group", a common voice.   Focusing on the establishment of new customer relationships transferred to the second half of the steel process   Group pointed out that in the future, the Group and the cooperation of all downstream customers, will no longer be simple commodity trading relationship, but standing height development of the industry, providing customers with new customer relationship lifecycle services solutions. "A successful docking between businesses and their customers, the decisive factor is not how good the equipment business, how good the product, but to provide customers with what they need most." This caused students to think deeply.   Over the past many years, we used to put more energy into the first half of the iron and steel process, namely pay more attention to control costs and expenses, and for the second half of the iron and steel process: product structure, product quality and profitability, customer structure is too little attention. "It can not just stare produced many products, a record number of benefits, but to pay more attention to customer needs and development in order to win hearts and win customers." Declared Deputy General Hegang steel 孙风江 he said.   "We are currently in a period of strategic opportunities, the future is the same pattern of increasingly fierce market competition, while able to change is our own means to deal with this new normal, market-oriented ideas and thinking mode." The situation for the industry group judge, once again aroused the students thinking. "Must be the focus of marketing efforts to customer requirements from the adaptability to change to understand the customer process, solve customers' actual production problems, to help customers achieve on the market, from a single supplier of materials into materials technology service providers." Steel River Stone Mao, general manager, said the root of steel.   Essence large customer marketing, business-to target market segments, and accordingly this configuration key sales resources, seminar participants have carried out work with their own control. "Customers need to develop, but also need to maintain, by learning about the Siemens approach large customers, we want to develop customer-specific adaptation, a special way to ensure customer structure in 2016 a huge change." Said deputy general manager of River Steel sales 李信国.   "To repeat purchase at the core of large customer marketing lifecycle among the services occupy a key position in the important service is the focus of competition in customer loyalty, but also to create new value, new opportunities, new projects of strategic strong point." deputy general manager of the customer service center Zhangcai Dong Hegang reflections.   Competition limited customer resources, has increasingly become the focus of market competition, corporate executives should maintain a high degree of attention and the development of the strategic value of customer resources. Hegang JCDecaux China CEO Li Yidong, said: "China as a German, a member of the newly established, should make more efforts for the Group's customer marketing management, with a large customer marketing concepts and practices JCDecaux to provide good services, at the same time JCDecaux as a subsidiary of Hegang, to bring more high-quality customer resources Hegang, cultivate large customers looking for international markets in different regions, and to report thereon to configure key sales resources. "   The learning into action to build a strong support system security   Win a customer needs a lot of effort to consolidate a customer needs to make greater efforts. Establish new customer relationships, the real high-end market, high-end customers to expand, but also need to establish strong customer relationships support system.   In the interaction, the participants attached great importance to "build back support team how to market for large customers," School of Management lecturer Siemens also business operations systems, R & D team involvement and participation marketing campaigns described in detail. It was generally believed that the "quality of stability" has become the Group's products to upgrade, customers upgrading "stumbling block" to expose our existence to be solved and improvements in operational management, technical support system construction, process control, personnel and other aspects of the concept of literacy problem.   In writing learning experience, the students wrote:   "To promote the marketing model transformation should give full play to the Group synergies in technology, production line, product, channel, etc., which is the largest group benefit and value."   "To promote the technical resources and development efforts to the client configuration, technical research and development system to play a supportive role in the transformation of the mode of marketing."   "Building large customer manager system is only the first step for change, more importantly, by supporting the construction of the second step, so that each technician heard the voice of the customer, so that each production line to know which customers to produce, so every post will focus on customer value chain. "   ......   During the seminar, the participants during lunch time to visit the Chinese Academy of Siemens, Siemens and user needs closely linked to R & D system with a cursory knowledge and understanding of the leading steel companies in the world, early intervention has become truly integrated into the marketing to product development critical path to help upstream and downstream businesses win-win cooperation. River Steel Steel Institute president Mr. Li believes that "promoting group marketing model transformation, you must optimize the allocation of resources to research and development mode, so only limited internal research and development system from production technology innovation freed, targeting end users, the Hegang technology embedded in the user's development of the chain. "   To the product from the market, it is a huge systematic project, how to set up coordination of joint customer support system, triggering all aspects of thinking. "Marketing Management Group to become the dominant product structure adjustment planning department, with the information advantage for the Group sales, purchasing, technology, production sector or product strategy recommendations." Group General Manager Marketing Management LIN Dong reflections.   "To market, to customers, the importance of product carved to the bone, fell on the action," which is our common determination to common belief, and are put into practice.
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