Hegang Wugang superior quality to win repeat customers eligible for the New Year, "along the way" Order

  Hegang Wugang superior quality to win repeat customers eligible for the New Year, "along the way" Order   January 1, Hegang Wugang up to competitors' prices, won from "along the way" of the 1000 t hydrogen sulfide corrosion resistant steel (HIC) orders. This grant will be used for steel refinery in Kazakhstan Batudaer two equipment manufacturers. This is also the refinery sent to Hegang Wugang second order high-end varieties.   October 2015, Hegang Wugang informed Kazakhstan Batudaer two refineries refining apparatus for manufacturing need HIC steel SA516Gr60, SA516Gr70, out of the quality of the project attaches great importance to the user and presents -40 ℃ impact energy, additional technical conditions hardness exceeded national standards. And these two indicators mutual antagonism, it is necessary within a very narrow range of reasonable match, the final balance.   To win "along the way" of supplier performance, another domestic strength of large steel enterprises and companies to bid on the same stage. The company producing the device, the owner conducted a number of in-depth technical exchanges, product quality, technical service capabilities, delivery etc. You clarify disclosure.   Eventually, the company was up to a few hundred dollars per ton price rival bid. Equipment manufacturer and the owner have said: Hegang Wugang heavy plate on behalf of China's highest level, we have the river Wugang steel product quality, technical service very confident, so we chose to work with you again!   Earlier, Kazakhstan Batudaer refinery coke in a project to build the tower, the company had emergency help is required within one month of production and supply of high-end, more than 840 tons of steel with Hydrogen. The coke drum Kazakhstan refinery project designed by experts, steel anti-crack susceptibility demanding control requirements of trace elements are very strict, and this breed is generally not less than 40 days delivery. Companies urgent customer needs for high-end users to open up the "green channel", only 20 days will be scheduled all these difficult contract delivery quality, and to obtain the equipment for manufacturing, the owners of high praise. (ZhangXiaoping Huangzhu Qing)
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