In May 1970 the State Planning Commission, the State Ministry of Metallurgical Industry construction project in Henan Wuyang special plate steel company, a project designed annual output of 500,000 tons of steel, 400,000 tons steel and 60 million tons of iron, investment budget of 679.88 million yuan, Acronym flat dance works.
September 1973 level dance project construction.
April 1973 Wuyang Iron and Steel Company was officially established.
In September 1979 the state decided under the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry Wugang management.
October 1981 Wugang successfully developed a major national research projects - heavy ion cyclotron for producing cylinder cover plate.
In February 1982 the State Planning Commission decided to support the continued construction of Wugang steel making and rolling alloy plate heat treatment works.
June 1986 75-ton electric furnace steelmaking as the main equipment of Wugang a project put into operation, China's steel industry is not large furnace history came to an end.
National Quality Award Committee awarded in March 1991 Wugang "16MnR pressure vessel" to "national best silver medal."
July 1991 National Bureau of Statistics released the list of China Bus Division 500 large and medium industrial enterprises in 1990, according to net fixed assets sorting, Wugang ranked 150.
December 1991 introduction of the first 90 t UHP EAF in Wugang put into operation. CCTV News Network broadcast 90 t EAF hot test message. In the People's Daily, "China is currently the largest capacity, most technologically advanced electric furnace in Wuyang Iron and Steel Company to build" coverage.
November 1992 Wugang domestic first set 300mmX1900mm large slab caster system put into operation.
June 1994 China Social and Economic Research Center Congratulates "Wugang" brand trademark was awarded the "national brands" title.
July 1994 CPC Henan Provincial Party Secretary Li Changchun visited Wugang, Wugang visited the steelworks, rolling mills.
November 1994 "People's Daily" published national modern enterprise system one hundred list of pilot enterprises, Wugang one of them.
September 1997 in the party and state leaders of attention and support, Wugang added Handan Iron and Steel Group, the restructuring of Handan Iron and Steel Group Holdings LLC.
September 1998, Henan Province, Xue Hangang strengthen enterprise management site meetings held in Wugang, called on the province "far Xue Hangang, near Wugang learn."
October 1998 Wugang Three Gorges Project Construction should urgently needed, successfully developed a wide and 4020mm wide plate, known as "the first plate."
April 2000 at the national meeting of the Three Gorges Project on the localization of steel, Wugang is listed as one of six designated suppliers, and is the only plate manufacturers.
March 2001 Henan Economic and Trade Commission jointly issued the "Henan Province-level Technical Center identified notice", Wugang Technology Center has been identified as the Henan provincial center.
June 2001 ACFTU granted Wugang company unions "national model worker" title.
April 2002 Wugang company won the "National Labor Award."
March 2003 Wugang national natural gas project construction should be urgently needed, successfully developed to produce large diameter longitudinally welded pipes with a generous plate of X70, breaking the monopoly of foreign steel supply situation.
July 2003 2002 1588 large industrial enterprises nationwide Announced, Wugang ranked 248.
December 2003 China Manned Space Engineering Office issued certificates to Wugang, stating: Wuyang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. to participate in China's manned space project development, construction, testing the cooperation work for China's first manned space shuttle mission the successful completion of the made outstanding contributions.
March 2004 on behalf of Wugang steel sheet standard seminar held in Beijing, the national development of the building structure.
In May 2005 the National Development and Reform Commission issued a formal Development and Reform Commission Industry (2005) No. 847 document, approved the construction of 1 million tons of Wugang heavy plate production line project.
June 2005 Henan Governor Li Chengyu rate Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Water Resources Department, Construction Department, the SASAC and other leaders, visited Wugang.
August 2005 Wugang total investment of 3.5 billion new one million tons of heavy plate project construction.
Wugang 4 m 2 mill in September 2005 was awarded the China Iron and Steel Association "Meritorious mill" title, and awarded the bronze medal.
June 2006 "Wugang" brand named "Henan export brand."
September 2006 remarkable 29th Olympic Games main venue - the National Stadium "Bird's Nest" Steel successfully completed the project as a whole unloading. CCTV news channel "into the Olympic Games" column group Reporters groups Wugang, Wugang field interviews for the construction of Olympic venues to develop steel production. Wugang developed with independent intellectual property rights Q460E / Z35 steel applied to the "Bird's Nest" to make steel for the construction of Olympic venues realized all domestic. The plate belongs to our unique, world first. Wugang the community highly concerned.
December 2006 Wugang has six products as "brand-name products in Henan Province", the eight products, "China metallurgical products physical quality of Gold Award"
January 2007 "Wugang" brand and Industry Bureau in Henan Province was named "Henan Province."
April 2007 Henan Provincial Party Secretary Xu Guangchun, Vice Governor Shi Ji-chun visited Wugang, Wugang and the inscription, "Yu man China, famous in the world."
May 2007 held new company Wugang million tonnes of heavy plate production line ceremony. Wugang formed the overall strength of annual output of 300 tons of steel, 2.6 million tons of steel generous, with total assets of nearly billion.
September 2007 CCTV "Passion Square" column group to record programs in Wugang, Wugang celebrate performance.
June 2008 Hebei Iron and Steel Group, China's largest officially formed, Wugang joined Hebei Iron and Steel Group.
June 2008 In the same month, Wugang building structure with high strength steel series won the "First China Iron and Steel Industry Product Development Market Development Award"
October 2008 Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee awarded Wugang "Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games Special Honor Award." This is the only award metallurgical industry units, but also the construction of venues
Material supply unit only awarded units.
February 2009 the largest 41 tonnes of steel ingot in Wugang research and development and production of successful, Wugang further enhance the market competitiveness.
In April 2009 the former CPC Central Committee, Central Military Commission Vice-Chairman, State Councilor and Defense Minister Cao Gangchuan to Wugang visit, spoke highly of the achievements of research and development Wugang varieties. In the same month, Henan Governor Guo Geng Mao to Wugang research, praised Wugang is a promising business.
July 2009, "Hebei Daily" published headlines reflect Wugang production and operation achievement report "Hebei Iron and Steel Group holding company Wugang core technology, product market king" and the allotment "expect the emergence of more" trump card " "Commentary. In the same month, Wugang research and production of large thickness quenched and tempered steel 20MnNiMo double in China by checking that the steel will be used for key equipment manufacturing China's large aircraft project ---- the world's largest forging press.
August 2009 Hebei Iron and Steel Group to form the first anniversary of the integration of the development forum held in Wugang. Hebei Iron and Steel Group chairman and general manager Wang Yifang encouraged Wugang heavy plate technology research and development to ensure the leading position without wavering. In the same month, Henan hundred and sort the list published Wugang company ranked eighth.
September 2009 brilliant 60 years - People's Republic of China 60th Anniversary Exhibition was held in Beijing Exhibition Center. Steel do dance "Bird's Nest" model and steel samples Q460E-Z35 110mm thick steel industry as an important part of China's brilliant achievements exhibition debut. In the same month, Beijing announced the selection of contemporary top ten architectural, wherein Capital Airport Terminal, the National Stadium, the National Theatre, the National Swimming Center, Beijing TV Center, the National Library (two), the National Stadium and other key parts of seven buildings use the dance steel construction.
October 2010 Wugang company won the "National Quality Award." Held in Beijing "The 10th National Conference of the pursuit of excellence", the Wugang company won the "National Quality Award." This is the highest award in the field of the quality of the iron and steel enterprises in Henan Province to date, marking Wugang quality strategy to achieve significant results. "National Quality Award" is the highest award in the field of quality, known as China's "Quality Oscar" reputation. Then there are only 10 companies to receive this award.
August 2011 Provincial Party Secretary Lu Zhangong inspection Wugang. Henan Provincial Party Secretary, Provincial People's Congress Chairman Zhangong visit Wugang, research study provincial key projects construction. He fully affirmed the work of Wugang, Wugang and sincerely hope thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, strengthen management, carry forward the traditional, and constantly improve the level of technology and equipment, and wholeheartedly rely on the working class to run the enterprise, continue to break new areas, and strive to climb new heights.
In August 2012 in China Aerospace Science and Technology Group, held in Beijing, "aerospace supporting materials supplier recognition will", Wugang awarded China's first manned spacecraft rendezvous and docking mission medal of honor, also won the "2011 Outstanding Contribution of China Aerospace supplier "title, Wugang is the only country eligible for this two winning business plate.
September 2012 Wugang's first 120 tons of converter operation, the company has changed over the years Wugang single EAF production situation, creating a Wugang EAF and BOF both long and short process flow binding in the New.
January 2014 at the annual National Science and Technology Awards Conference, Hebei Iron and Steel Group Company Wugang "thick steel plate production of key technology research and development and innovation" project, due to the constraints to solve the special plate production series of technical problems, a unique special plate production routes, won the national Science and technology progress Award
March 2014 Wugang feedstock structure optimization project is completed, completely breaking the bottleneck of raw materials Wugang corporate structure, cost efficiency and the promotion of enterprises, and promote the transformation and upgrading industries of great significance.
December 2014 Hebei Iron and Steel Group Wuyang company was awarded the General Administration of Customs, "China's exports of leading indicators Sample Enterprise" can enjoy the General Administration of Customs issued a series of incentives and preferential policies to boost the national brand to further expand overseas Wugang market.