Company advantage
Technical advantages
In December 9, 2000 River Wugang production of high quality steel plate S355N bridge expert assessment meeting, the famous metal materials and metallurgical expert evaluation Wugang Steel River: River Wugang steel has a unique advantage in the production of heavy plate, which software and hardware manufacturers in the domestic heavy plate is first class.
It has two unique, complementary heavy plate production line. 4200mm heavy plate production line of plate thickness up to 700mm. 4100mm double stand heavy plate production line integrates the world-class technology from VAI technology, general contracting, rolling pressure of 8600t, ranking China's first unit rolling force.
Three decades has been committed to the heavy plate production, research technologies, processes, human deep accumulation, is unmatched by other manufacturers.
Pure steel
Ultra-high power electric furnace smelting and improve secondary refining technology. Outer steel refining rate of 100%, 90% vacuum degassing refining. Steel purity can be achieved: P ≤0.010%, S ≤0.004%, N ≤0.008%, ≤0.002% O, H ≤0.0002%.
Uniformly excellent performance
Rolling equipped with hydraulic AGC automatic gauge control and laser thickness measurement system 4200mm heavy plate mill, the use of large steel ingot and slab thickness, controlled rolling and low-speed large reduction crossbar rolling process, to ensure adequate compression ratio, deformed steel thorough penetration, aspect and other properties to a uniform, dense internal organization. It can produce steel grade has A, B, C, D, E, and the thickness direction of Z15, Z25, Z35 performance.
Internal steel quality, strong security flaw detection capability qualified
Steel sheet in accordance with China (JB4730, GB / T2970), United States (A435, A577, A588), Japan (JISG0801, JISG0901), Germany (SEL072), Britain (BS5996), France (NFS04-305) and other domestic and testing standards test.
On behalf of the industry to develop national standards in five varieties
Steel plate thickness direction performance standards GB / T5313-1985; high-rise building with steel the national standard GB / T 19879-2005; low welding crack susceptibility high strength steel YB / T4137-2005; wear-resistant steel GB / T24186-2009; oil and natural gas pipeline heavy plate GB / T21237-2007.
Extensive use of advanced foreign production standards, strict internal control standards
According to user requirements, foreign standards used are: American ASTM, ASME standards, Japanese JIS, German DIN, British BS, European EN, Australia AS standards.
Solid scientific research strength
Has specialized in the development and production of generous plate research team and skilled workers, have formed strong technical center.
rank in the field
China Special Steel Enterprises Association vice president of units
China Iron and Steel Industry Association
China's first heavy plate production and research base
500 Chinese enterprises
River Wugang steel construction 1970, 1978 4200mm heavy plate mill once called the king of the production of the mill, ending China's history can not produce heavy plates. After more than 20 years of construction time, the river is the country's only steel Wugang heavy plate business.
China's important base for the localization of import substitution
Hegang Wugang large number of products used by the US equivalent of ASTM, ASME, ABS, German DIN, GL, the British BS, LR, Japan JIS, Europe EN, Norway, DNV, France BV, Australia AS and other foreign advanced standards. The production of 12 major series, more than 300 brands of varieties, more than 60 for domestic import substitution, export to Europe and America more than 30 countries and regions.
One thick steel plate plant with world influence
River Wugang heavy plate steel thickest can reach 700mm, 100mm steel thickness more than the annual export volume of nearly 10 million tons. Over the years, 50mm above special plate in the domestic market rate has been above 30%.
State only "heavy plate" technology magazine Organizers
China's largest specialized self-contained generous plate mill
4200mm and 4100mm has two generous plate production lines. Two production lines with different features, complementary advantages, 4200mm heavy plate production line with the special wide-thick special advantages, 4100mm heavy plate production line with first-class technology, first-class technology, first-class equipment of advantage. Annual steel output of 500 million tons, a generous plate of 3 million tons, sales income of over ten billion yuan of comprehensive strength.