River is China's first steel Wugang generous plate production and research base, China's major import substitution generous plate of domestic base, China's top 500 enterprises, major tax payer in Henan Province. The existing total assets of 13.2 billion yuan, more than ten thousand workers people. Annual steel output of 500 million tons, a generous plate of 3 million tons, sales income of more than ten billion yuan of comprehensive strength.   River Wugang steel construction in 1970, the former national defense projects. In September 1978, once known as China's "King of the mill," the river of steel Wugang 4200mm heavy plate mill put into operation, in one fell swoop the end of China can not produce special wide-thick steel plate history. September 1997, the river Wugang steel enterprises directly under the former Ministry of Metallurgical Industry restructuring of Handan Iron and Steel Group Holdings Co., Ltd., joined the nation's largest steel group in June 2008 - Hebei Iron and Steel Group.   30 years Hegang Wugang Internet built the Internet and Xing, laid a special and important role in the generous Chinese steel industry. Wuyang River with the domestic steel industry a rare four meters, four meters twenty-two generous plate production line, the main equipment UHP EAF 4, steel refining, vacuum processing facility 11, a large steel ingot molding lines 9, 300 × 1900mm slab continuous casting machine one, 300mm × 2500mm slab continuous casting machine two, 4100mm double stand heavy plate mill and 4200mm heavy plate mill each one. China has the industry's most generous plate of steel heat treatment complete supporting facilities, world-class scientific research and national physical and chemical detection equipment and test center.   Wugang in Hegang has produced 12 major series, more than 400 brands of products, there are more than 200 import substitution or use foreign standards of production, more than 30 varieties exported to the US, Germany, Japan and other developed countries and regions. There have been ten categories of products won the "China quality metallurgical products Gold Award", seven products won the "brand-name products in Henan Province," the title. "Hegang Wugang" brand was named Henan Province, Henan Province, a famous export brand. River is China Wugang steel building structure with steel, oil and gas pipelines with a generous plate thickness direction of the steel plate and other five national standard drafting unit. October 2010, the company won the National Quality Award.   River Wugang steel products widely used in national key projects, major technical equipment and national defense projects. The main venue for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games - National Stadium special development and production of 110mm thick Q460E-Z35 plates, to achieve a "nest" of steel all domestic, has been highly praised by the community. Hegang Wugang also won the Beijing Olympic Special Contribution Award. Supply of the Three Gorges Project plate 120,000 tons, accounting for more than 80% of the total project amount of similar products, including the Three Gorges permanent ship lock gate 24 used in the manufacture of more than 40,000 tons of steel plate Wugang river all products. Research and development of West-East trunk with a generous plate of broken Japanese and Korean steel mills monopoly supply situation in the field, saving a lot of foreign exchange for the country. Domestic metallurgical enterprises to build large-scale blast furnace steel Wugang river almost all use of blast furnace shell plate. At the national large aircraft project, the construction of Beijing Capital Airport Expansion Base, the National Grand Theater, CCTV new site, Lupu Bridge, Runyang Yangtze River Bridge and the national strategic oil reserve, national defense projects, manned space industry and other fields, generous Wuyang board have played a key role.   Looking to the future, to create a leading company in the world-class modern iron and steel group process, Wugang Steel River along the path of development will increase the size of boutique-style, follow the "scientific development, the pursuit of excellence" spirit of enterprise, in order to give full play to their own varieties with a variety of advantages, such as quality, brand and market support to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises as their responsibility toward "building a leading world-class boutique generous plate base" goal struggling to move forward!